Responsibility for ourselves

Personal best

Every day your child spends with us will begin with the Challenger pledge: To take responsibility for ourselves, respect others and do our personal best.

Preschool aged student will have the opportunity to get involved in some of our extracurricular activity.  

Preparing Your Child for Back To School

For most parents sending your child to preschool for the first time is a nerve racking and perhaps stressful situation. Don’t forget, you are not alone. Your child could be going through the same feelings that you are. Remember that most children can sense what you are feeling. We always recommend to our families that they be strong for their child, even if you want to cry the first time your child walks into their preschool classroom. Remind your child that they are safe, will have fun and that you will be returning.

Before your child’s first day of preschool, put together all of the items he or she will need and label them. Allow your child to be part of the process.

Challenger Christian Academy Wonder. Learn. Grow. 


Respect for others

Welcome Back 2022/2023

 Discuss with your child the experiences he or she may have on the first day, the names of his or her teachers and whether the class will be going outside. Give us a call to see when you can come in to show your child the center and their classroom.

Explain to your child some of the school’s policies. For example, let your child know that he or she needs to tell the teacher when they needs to use the bathroom and what to do if your child doesn’t feel well. One way to help your child to socialize and become more comfortable in their new environment is to role play with your child different situations as classmates and as the teacher. These are just a few ways to help your child start a healthy preschool experience.


Our School is blessed to have a talented staff of certified professionals, including student-professionals attending college for early childhood education. 

Our goal is to create a warm, open environment where students feel safe enough to ask questions, explore and seek answers. We challenge every student to surpass his or her own personal best and help them over the hills and through the valleys of these growing years. Challenger is particularly proud of its diversity and takes every opportunity to celebrate those characteristics that make us different. We welcome all who come through our door.

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At Challenger Christian Academy, we approach each child as an individual with their own talents and one-of-a-kind needs. Our goal is to help your child meet the learning benchmarks for their first years of school, using the following:


  • Classroom instruction
  • Small-group projects
  • One-on-one tutoring
  • After-school enrichments